Shelly Torres-West

Shelly “…provides listeners with an experience that touches their souls.”
“Shelly is a must see performer.”
“Moving and unforgettable.”
These all describe Shelly Torres-West, an outstanding performer who will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Shelly’s passion for music began when she was very young. Her love for music took her to The University of Arkansas, where she studied voice.  After college, Shelly wanted a change of pace and ended up in Chicago.  While in Chi-Town, she performed regularly in well-known venues, including the Back Room, Redford’s, and The Earl of Old Town.  She also took the opportunity to record her first album, “Take One,” live at the Back Room with her band, Wave. After Chicago, Shelly moved out west to Los Angeles.  There, she experienced all the demands and challenges that go along with the music industry.  Shelly eventually made the decision to take a break from being a professional singer and went looking for her next passion.
That journey brought her to Denton, Texas.  There, Shelly became a Certified Rehab Technology Supplier.  That’s a fancy title for her wonderful work evaluating, recommending, building and repairing seating systems and wheelchairs for severely disabled children.  Shelly’s passion for helping kids in need became her life’s work. She recently retired from that job after 32 years.  She didn’t stop helping others, though. Every year, Shelly goes on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where she helps children get the wheelchairs they otherwise wouldn’t have. “Mobilizing Love” involves fundraising concerts to get her to the Dominican Republic to help cover the costs of storing and shipping equipment to the DR and other projects that help kids.
While in Denton, Shelly found Church again and discovered how much she missed singing.  With her natural jazz talents, she began to sing Contemporary Christian music in churches. Shortly thereafter, Shelly began singing at various fundraising events and AIDS organization fundraisers.
Now, Shelly sings both Jazz and Christian music and she loves seeing the joy it brings to her listeners.
Shelly has sung with Resounding Harmony, a mixed chorus in Dallas, who also performed at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan and at the Royal Festival Hall in London.  She also sang with a vocal jazz group called The New Collection, directed by Paris Rutherford.  Shelly was a member of The Women’s Chorus of Dallas when they recorded “Sing for the Cure” with Dallas’ Turtle Creek Choir.  Shelly was thrilled for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing as Maya Angelou narrated. In addition, Shelly was the original soloist on “Groundless Ground”, and she is in the trio for “Who Will Curl My Daughter’s Hair”.
Shelly enjoys singing for all types of audiences and in all types of venues.  With experience ranging from smoky jazz clubs to church gatherings to Carnegie Hall, the silky sound of Shelly Torres West is the perfect musical solution for your next event or concert.  She has Jazz and Christian CDs available on her website,